Life of a New Hair Stylist

Granted, I’ve only been doing this a few days, but I’ve actually had a few clients! It thrills me every time I get someone in my chair. The fact that I’m starting totally from scratch means I have no real clientele yet, but I’m working on it. But, from my three days in the salon, I made a list of things newbie hair stylists like me should remember.

1. Love the Laundry

Not literally. You don’t have to come to work excited to told some towels. I don’t. But during your wait for people to come in, it gives you something to do. Plus it’s helpful to your co-workers.

By the time you build up your clientele, you will be a Master Towel Folder. I already achieved that title in school on a day where literally all I did was fold towels. Not fun, but warm towels feel really nice on a cold day.

2. Check Your Stuff

Your phone, book, computer, whatever entertainment you bring to keep you busy–keep an eye on it. I’m grateful to work in a place where everyone is trustworthy. My school, however…

I had set out some tools at my station and went to the back for lunch. When I came back, my vent brush was gone. My vent brush, people. It was standard in our kits. Everyone had one. I hope they enjoyed it because they apparently needed an extra worse than I needed my one.

3. Keep the Phone Close

Some places have receptionists. Mine just has phones for every station, which is kind of nice. If it’s a potential walk-in, you can get that person in your chair if you answer the phone. So guess what? I’ve practically attached that phone to my hip. And it works! One of my haircuts last week was a walk-in that I got by answering the phone.

Got a receptionist? Pass out your cell phone number on business cards. Similar effect, except now people are calling you directly.

4. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

There’s the key. I work booth rent, so I’m my own boss, my own marketer, my own everything. I love it. It’s fun coming up with ways to advertise my services and see what works. Maybe I should have gone for marketing? Either way, I’m getting experience by doing hair and also being a writer.

5. Attitude

So much of the time, people at school had crappy attitudes. It’s just so easy to complain instead of trying to see the bright side. But you know what? That won’t win you friends or clients. Keep a positive attitude, be patient, and keep a smile on your face. That will turn the whole day around. Trust me.


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