Ah, Life

So life has taken yet another somewhat hectic turn! I’ve started a new job. I’m now a hairstylist. Or the waiting hairstylist. Just starting out involves a lot of waiting and I’m discovering that even on my first day. It’s not too bad, though. The people are nice here, which makes waiting a thousand times better.

Remember that post about things you experience as a hairstylist? If not, check it out for a refresher of what I’ll be experiencing. I’ve already been thinking about it.

Also, my fiance’s birthday is Saturday! Yay! He’s old. Almost 30. Yes, I’m aware that 30 isn’t old, but I have to bug him about it. And my birthday is next Saturday. I’ll actually be closing in on 30 in a few years myself. Ah, life.

Anyway, to change the subject, Kirk and I took Bandit on a hike the other day. We were pretty much the only ones there until we hiked back and saw a few other people. Bandit absolutely loved the water, much to my surprise. He hates bath time, but on the hike, he was bouncing all over the place in the water. It was so cute. I told Kirk it gave me the warm-fuzzies.

But anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Not such a fun update, but I’m hoping to get back into writing on here more regularly. More fun stories to come soon!


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