My Car Rules

I drive two cars. My primary car is my Honda. My weekend, sunny day car is my Mustang. It’s interesting that I ended up loving Mustangs so much because my family is all about Camaros. I’ve grown up around them, ridden in my dad’s classics, gone to car shows and admired them, but I’m a Mustang girl through and through. I’m a rebel.

But my family loves my Mustang too. Especially my brother who wants to play like it’s a secret.

Before I got my Mustang, I had already decided I would be as gentle and as careful with it as humanly possible. Therefore, I have established some ground rules for my car that have caused a lot of laughs, but that aren’t changing.

1. No Food or Drinks

Passengers can enjoy a ride free of food or beverage when they take a ride in my Mustang. If you’re starving or about to dehydrate, you might want a different ride. Dad once got a cup of coffee and got in my car, fully prepared to sip it as we rode around, and I made him wait. His coffee got cold.

It’s a miracle I participated in a Christmas parade complete with candy throwing.

2. Keep It Dry

People really don’t understand this one. I don’t drive my Mustang in the rain. Ever. Once I was out and it started sprinkling on it and I made a mad dash home to get it under cover. There was one rouge cloud waaaaaay up high.  So now I only drive it on sunny, almost cloudless days. I can’t stand the thought of it getting wet because I pride myself on keeping it clean (except for right now when it needs a wash).

3. Become an Anti-Social Parker

I never–let me repeat–never park next to someone unless it’s my parents, brother, or fiance. Ever. I choose a safe distance from others and then if I come back and someone has parked next to me, I have a minor freak out. Not really, but I do check to see if they hit my Mustang with their door in their hurry to catch the BOGO special on electronics at Wal-Mart. Heaven help the people who park next to me.

4. Don’t Race

It’s amazing to me how many people asked how fast my Mustang would go when I first got it. When I explained that I didn’t know because I kept a safe speed, they laughed. Then they proceeded to tell me how fast they would drive if they had it. That, people, is why I don’t let anyone (not even my fiance) drive it.

Do you have funny rules for your car? If so, I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment and tell me the rules that made others laugh. I bet I’ll understand completely.


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