More on Flying: The Passengers

Since I’m on a roll with travel advice, I’m going to spend some time talking about a few common passenger types. There will usually be at least one on whatever flight you’re on and depending on where they’re sitting, it could make for either a smooth ride or a headache.

1. The Chatter Box

You don’t know this person. It’s the first and last time you will ever see them, but by the time the plane lands you will know how they broke their arm when they were five and how rocky or successful their marriage is. Plus, all the gory details in between.

This type of person is a mixed blessing. Depending on your personality, you could walk away with a new best friend or be grouchy as ever because you didn’t get to sleep and it was an overnight flight (been there).

2. The Anti-Social Seatmate

This person might not be anti-social normally, but something about being on a plane makes them get really quiet. Or sleepy. Or into their book or music or phone. For some reason, that becomes more interesting than anything else around them. Their mouths don’t open once except to drink the complementary soda.

Your best bet is to avoid talking to this person because when they put in their ear buds it was the equivalent of saying, “I don’t know you, nor do I care to so leave me alone.”

3. The Sleeper

This person drank three espressos from Starbucks before boarding the plane and they’re about to bounce all over the place, but when the plane leaves the ground they just can’t keep their eyes open. Perhaps it starts when you’re shoved into your seat during takeoff. Maybe that’s soothing?

These people are similar to the Anti-Social Seatmate because you almost forget they’re around except for the snoring. How do they manage to sleep through the turbulence?

You can bet when the plane touches down they’ll be wide awake and ready to go again.

4. The Crying Baby

The worst of the worst. It’s embarrassing for the parents and annoying for the rest of the passengers. It’s even worse when the baby screams at the top of his lungs for the entire takeoff and landing. True story. Been there. The other passengers and I were ready to lock the kid in the bathroom for the duration of the flight.

Your only defense is to bring some ear plugs and some Tylenol.

Good luck.


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