Read This Before Choosing Your Airplane Seat

Hello again! This month has been really hectic but I’m hoping things are going to be slowing down a bit.

So, I posted recently about going to California. It was so, so fun and I wish I was still there. That was a much needed vacation.

It wasn’t my first time flying, but I did make some new observations about plane rides. This all started when I got on the plane in Phoenix and the pilot proudly announced that it was a new plane (that made me a bit nervous, but that’s another story). I pointed out to my fiance that the seats still felt like a million butts had flattened them to the width of pancakes. Airlines obviously don’t splurge on their seats.

That lead to some inspiration for this post: the pros and cons of each seat.

1. The Aisle Seat

Pros: This is arguably the best seat. You don’t have to ask someone to move when your bladder suddenly shrinks to the size of a pea when you get to altitude or when a nice patch of turbulence reminds you that you need to go. You’re closest to the attendants so when they ask if you’d like anything, you’re first in line.

Cons: Your travel companions will have to jump up and go to the bathroom about five hundred times before you land and that means you have to move. Trying to take a nap? Their bathroom situation is more important. Also, you will get brushed up on by more than a few butts as people squeeze by to get on the plane or to move around in general.

2. The Middle Seat

Pro’s: Nothing, unless you’re traveling with friends or family and they’re on either side. If you’re not, then I’m sorry about your luck, Chuck.

Con’s: There is no comfortable way to sleep. Believe me, I’ve tried. Pulling out the tray and resting on it will only work for so long. On our way to California, I woke up from my nap and saw my fiance (in the middle seat) with his chin on his chest asleep. He was just asking for a neck cramp. It was a miracle that he didn’t get one because my neck would have been stuck like that for a week.

3. The Window Seat

Pro’s: You can see the passing landscape. That’s why this is my favorite seat. Also, if you need to sleep you can lean your head on the window/wall.

Con’s: Seeing out the window if you’re scared of heights. Of course you can close it, but still. If you choose this seat, you will probably be the one who makes everyone else have to get up five hundred times. Otherwise, you’re pretty much stuck there in your little window seat.

Wait. Why is it my favorite again?


3 thoughts on “Read This Before Choosing Your Airplane Seat

  1. For me personally, the aisle seat is the favorite. I just love moving whenever I want. Window seats are really enjoyable for watching the landscape, but when you are traveling the same routes over and over again, it gets boring..


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