California vs. NC: Time Zone Battle

By now, you’ve probably noticed my absence for the past week. If not, act like you did. I was in the sunny state of California visiting family with my fiance. Except while we were there it was cool and breezy the whole time which meant I never got to unpack my shorts. My one pair of jeans were well used.

It was such a fun, relaxing trip, which we both really needed. You don’t quite know how much you need to rest until you finally do. Plus I got to see my fiance’s family, whom we don’t see much because of the distance. I’ve got the best parents-in-law!

The tricky part for me right now is adjusting to that pesky North Carolina time zone again. It was easy adjusting to California because, being the sleep-lover that I am, I gained three hours. On the way back, I lost three. I’m that person who takes forever adjusting when we lose an hour every spring, so this is a challenge. Hopefully, I’ll get back on schedule in the next few days. And no, this isn’t my first time adjusting to NC time after being in California. It just sounds like it!

So anyway, that’s the brief update telling you I’m back! Prepare for more fun stories in the future. 🙂


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