Pets are a Writer’s Best Friend

I’m sitting in my living room, trying to figure out what to write for this day, and Bandit is hogging my complete and total attention. The puppy eyes he keeps giving me makes me feel so guilty for even attempting to write. Then he’ll get up and come see what I’m doing like he’s saying, “Hey, Mom, are you done yet?” And so I’ll say, “Hang on just a minute, buddy. Almost done.”

He’s been with me many times when I write and he’s great, but tonight he feels like hogging his mom. So this post will be short. My boy needs me. It’s already taken me way longer to write this little bit than it should have.

What about you? What do your pets do when you write? How do you get past the big, sad eyes that just scream “Pet me, I’m pitiful”?

More on Bandit in the near future…


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