Get Off Your Cell Phone

I love taking Bandit for walks in the park. He always seems to have fun even though I can never move as fast as he wants to. He slows down for his poor momma.

My boy is well behaved. He knows how to act in a park: A.K.A. mind your own business and be a good boy. There has never been an instance of him causing trouble at the park.

I was at the park with Bandit and my dad over the weekend. It was a beautiful day. We had been there a while and we were getting ready to leave after another lap. We were walking by the parking lot. Someone had pulled up and was getting her dog out of the car. Bandit was minding his own business as were we when this tiny, yappy dog comes barreling out of the car without his leash. He runs up just out of Bandit’s reach, barking and yapping and we’re trying to get Bandit away from him because he doesn’t take crap. Except from me.

I’m trying to shoo the dog away when it’s owner strolls up–yep, you guessed it–on her cell phone. She doesn’t seem the least bit alarmed that her dog is trying to take on a dog easily five times its size and that the big one has his sights set on quieting hers. She puts the leash on it and says, “Sorry, guys!” and that’s it. The little dog wasn’t hurt.

We go our way and she goes hers. Like I said, Bandit is truly a well behaved boy. He’s also alpha male, which works great with Dapple who’s such a pushover that a snail could boss her around.

So this is why I say put your cell phones down. Pay attention to your surroundings. It makes going to the park a much more enjoyable activity for everyone involved!


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