Team Cardinal vs. Team Reflection

There is a bird at work. It’s a cardinal and he wants to be inside so bad. He keeps flying into the window and I feel sorry for him, but we can’t figure out why he’s doing it. Some theories have gone around that it’s a mom who lost her baby or he’s blind, but he’s been doing it for literally two days straight. I’ll be working and all of a sudden I’ll hear the tap on the window and know it’s him. It’s not a violent crash. He seems okay after he flies away, but I think he’s scrambled his poor birdy brain after two days of this.

This bird reminds me of how when I was a kid, I’d be having lunch and, like clockwork, a cardinal would fly into the window. It would always happen at lunchtime. It continued for a while until it either found a new tree it liked better or something happened to it. That one kept a schedule. This one, not so much.

I turned to Google for my cardinal research quest to find out why this keeps happening. Turns out, he’s guarding his territory. During this time of year, males are more aggressive and if they see another bird of the same or similar breed they’ll attack. Normally, other birds fly away and he wins the battle. Reflections, however, don’t leave. He must be thinking how stubborn that other bird is but the poor thing is persistent. I hope he wins the battle against his reflection!

Yep, I’m Team Cardinal.


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