Brain Food


A lot of people don’t think food has much effect on their creativity, but it does. If you fuel your brain in the right way, it can enhance creativity. Plus, all that eating right will make you feel better physically.


There’s the dreaded word. Carbohydrates. So many women avoid them all together in their effort to drop weight, but they’re important (and if you’re like me, you can live on bread). Carbs are a part of what fuels your body and brain. But it’s equally important to take in the right kinds and amount.

Whole grain sources are the best places to find carbs. So think whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal, etc. The reason these are so much better for your brain is because there are more nutrients and your body takes longer to break it down, therefore you stay fueled longer.

Its best to avoid white bread and white rice because they have been overly processed. Plus, they won’t stay in your system as long. It’s like a quick shot of energy and then the crash. And next thing you know, you need more food.


This is a fatty acid found in fish and nuts. Maybe that’s why they say fish is “brain food”.

Don’t worry, it won’t make you fat. Omega-3’s aren’t like the fats found in other meats. It’s actually very good for you. Not only does it promote brain health, it helps your heart and joints as well. If you don’t eat a lot of fish or nuts, you could try taking supplements, though some people complain of “fishy” burps.

Personally, I take fish oil supplements and it has proven to be an extremely good thing. As a side note, it has also reduced my anxiety, though I was never very bad to begin with.

Fuits and Veggies

This should be pretty obvious, really. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are good, not only for your brain, but for your body as well. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the recommended 2 1/2-3 cups of vegetables and 1 1/2-2 cups of fruit daily.

Really, it can be easy to get more fruits and vegetables. There are drinks and juices that count toward your daily serving. It’s also easy to steam some vegetables like carrots to make a delicious side dish. Broccoli, spinach, and tomatos can be added to pasta to brighten things up. And then of course there’s the salad which you can fix up however you want.

As far as fruit goes, instead of a chocolate bar, reach for an apple. Eventually, if you consistently substitute fruit for candy, you’ll want the fruit instead.

So try incorporating some of these tips into your diet. Give it a couple weeks and see how well your brain is functioning and how much better you feel!


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