Writing Weekend #5

Last week, your writing challenge involved determining your setting. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out. This week, it’s all about the rules. Here are some questions to help you in setting the rules:

1. Is this story based in the real world or in a fictional world?

2. Is magic allowed? If so, what is its limitations?

3. Are there mythical creatures? Are they friendly or do people have to fight them?

4. What happens if someone dies? Do they come back as ghosts? Is there an afterlife?

5. What rules does your setting imply for your story? (If you need a refresher on that, click here)

6. Do the people there have super powers or is that a select few? If it’s only a few, what about them makes them have the powers? Is it hereditary? Is there another element that gave them the power (Spiderman getting bit by the spider)?

7. What are the characters strengths/weaknesses?

8. If there is magic/super powers in your story, how does that effect the normal characters (if any)?

9. If a law is broken, what are the consequences for characters (normal and magical/with super powers)?

10. Does you character have to have something to keep their magic/powers strong? Do they have to “refuel” (think Green Lantern with his ring)?

There are a few questions to get you started thinking about the rules of your story. You don’t have to have a million to get started, but the basics are a good place to start.


2 thoughts on “Writing Weekend #5

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