About the Wedding…


It has suddenly crept up on me that in six months I’m getting married. I’m unbelievably excited so I’d like to share a little bit about it.

I ventured into the world of wedding dress shopping late last year and ordered The One in February of this year. Actually, I knew it was The One when I tried it last year, but I wanted to make sure. Nothing compared to it. When I tried it on the second time, my mom and dad and I all knew it. What they say is true: you’ll know it when you put it on!

Kirk and I have our venue booked. Actually, we booked it almost two years in advance because I wanted so badly to do something wedding-related. Yes, we’ve been engaged almost two years. August 1st will officially be two years. Hey, we’re snails, but it works for us!

Our colors are purple (the picture above) and silver accents. I’ve been crazy about purple my whole life. Except for the rebel stage when I liked pink better. We won’t talk about that.

We’ve asked our pastor to perform the ceremony, so we’re on his calendar. We attend a fairly large church, so it’s important to ask early because he’s pretty busy. We’ve also been going through premarital counseling. Not that we’re having problems. We’re both so committed to making this last a lifetime that we want every advantage on our side.

My family is excited for me, but a little homesick, as am I. So I’m trying to spend all the time I can with them before The Big Change. I have a super tight-knit family, so it’s going to be hard being away, but I know we’ll all adjust just fine.

I’ve had a talk with Bandit about how he’ll be a big brother. Yes, Kirk is going to get a puppy sometime this year. Bandit, my anti-social boy, will have plenty of time to adjust before he and I move in with Kirk and his puppy. And my cat Gray Baby, who will move in with Kirk before I do. Dapple is thrilled to be able to catch up on her beauty sleep. Lazy girl.

And so that’s my wedding details in a nutshell. I could go on, but who really wants to sit there and read pages and pages of wedding talk? Not you? Thought not.


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