Sleepovers with a Wild Man


“Good choice! That one’s playful!”

That’s what I was told when I picked him out.

Meet Bandit. Don’t let this picture fool you. This boy is a wild child, even though he did just turn two the other day.

I was friends with a girl in cosmetology school (no free haircuts, sorry!) who knew the guy who owned Bandit’s mom and all the puppies. At five weeks old, they were trying to find new homes for them since he couldn’t keep any of them. She showed me pictures of the puppies and that’s the one I chose, hense the quote at the beginning of this post. Little did I know when she said “playful”, she meant “wild”.

For those of you picking out a puppy, remember that.

Bandit, hereafter referred to lovingly as Wild Man, is playful. That part is true. But as we went through that first year of training and adjustments, I thought the boy would calm down a bit. No, in fact he has picked up speed. It’s really a good thing that I’m active too because I could never keep up with him otherwise and he might ask for a refund. Or at least a different owner. I say that to give a little background.

Wild Man is learning how to behave inside. He’s incredibly smart so it’s a fast process, which I’m thrilled about, seeing as how he sleeps in my room and I enjoy a good night’s sleep.

I decided a few months back that I wanted Bandit to have his first sleepover with me. It was so exciting–just like I was a kid all over again. I cleaned the junk off my floor (wow, I actually have a floor under all of this!), bought him a nice cozy bed to snuggle up on, got his food and water bowls ready. I mean, the only thing I didn’t do was put one of those hotel soaps on his bed because, knowing Wild Man, he would have eaten it.

Generally, he stays outside with our other dog Dapple. This particular night, I brought the boy in early. One thing about him is that he’s got to know where the family members are at all times. He may be OCD, in which case he gets it from my fiance. Ok, joking! No need to fuss about how my fiance isn’t OCD.

Back to my story. Parents are in their bedroom. I’m in the living room. Bandit is…well…everywhere. I’m on the couch and next thing you know, I’m getting sloppy kisses. Not from my fiance, by the way. I follow Wild Man to the bedroom where Mom and Dad are getting ready for bed. He gives them goodnight kisses and all of a sudden he sees movement. Another dog.

My boy isn’t very social. At all. Try as I may, he just doesn’t care for strangers–people or animals. So he and this dog go at it barking, growling, hackles raised. Its World War III in my parent’s bedroom. Blood will be shed. There can only be one Highlander.

We all rush over to see….Bandit barking at his reflection in a full-length mirror. Yep, my boy was going to get his reflection. Needless to say, he was too wound up for the sleeping part of the sleepover. Also needless to say, we cover that mirror when he’s in.


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