I Must Be Insane

Yep, I’m pretty sure I am. My reasoning is simple. The gym I go to has started offering Shaun T’s Insanity class and I enjoy it. A lot. Enough said.

I haven’t always been the fitness junkie I am now. For years, I dabbled in the waters of exercise, treading carefully for fear I might work hard. Most of the time, I stayed well away from the gym, even though I had a membership.

And then the Hawaii trip happened. You want to look good for that, right? Boy, I did. In my efforts to tone up for Hawaii, I developed a love of exercise. When I got back home, I took on more and more challenging workouts ranging from Metabloic Effect (my tried and true friend) to things like boot camp, cycling, Body Pump, and then Insanity.

What has this got to do with writing? Don’t be so impatient. I’m getting there.

I dislocated my knee cap in 2012 while exercising (talk about pain!). Recovery was slow and I had to take frustrating baby steps so I wouldn’t have a setback, but the fear of “What if that happens again?” hung in the back of my mind like a shroud. Eventually, my knee healed and I gained confidence to push my body to new extremes.

So I say this all for a reason. Exercise has given me a confidence boost, not just in the area of fitness, but in other parts of my life as well. Like writing, for example. But you don’t have to start a new fitness routine to gain confidence. Maybe all you need is to make a small change. Have clutter lying around? Tidying your house might so the trick. Been meaning to try a new haircut? Go for it! When you feel good about yourself, it translates to other areas of your life, including writing.

“It’s easier said than done,” you say. “You can’t see all the rejection letters I’ve gotten.”

From one writer to another, I know rejection hurts. You send in something you’re so proud of and they don’t appreciate it. It can take time to get over the hurt and find the courage to try again. Like when I hurt my knee.

Recovery can take some time, but don’t let it put you on the sidelines forever. Take a few days, breathe, and get back in there. Someone will find your work as fabulous as you do and when that happens, your confidence will skyrocket and you’ll have the courage and ability to take on bigger challenges. So while you are in recovery mode, write. Don’t worry about being published. That can come later. Take your baby steps and get back in the game. Someone is waiting to read your writing.


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