Hello world!

Hello, everyone in this vast land of blogging! I’m Stephanie Wooten Koreneff–tell me how you attempted to pronounce it. Don’t worry, I butchered it my first time too. My fiance eventually forgave me, so I’ll forgive you too. 🙂

I’m a small town girl from NC with big dreams I plan to fulfill. When I was eight, I wrote my first story. At twelve, I knew nothing would compare to writing, so here I am, chasing the dream. My goal is to become a full-time writer knowing people read and enjoy my work.

So please come with me on this journey. No one ever said it would be easy, and I might need someone to entertain along the way. I promise, you won’t be bored.

You can find me on Twitter @swootenkoreneff

And on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/swootenkoreneff


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